Friday, April 27, 2007

TRIPTYCH - Jane Marie Watwood

Nicholasville, KY, April 26, 2007: Jane Marie Watwood will exhibit at The Art Depository in downtown Nicholasville, KY from May 3, 2007 through June 9, 2007. An artist’s reception open to the public will be held May 4, 2007 from 4 pm until 8 pm.

Who is Jane? Jane Marie Watwood is collectively: Sarah Jane Gray, Karine Marie Wilson and Hilary Watwood Brown – 3 MFA candidates at the University of Kentucky. This is not Jane’s first show; the three have had collaborative work at the Rogue Buddha Gallery in Minneapolis. The Art Depository in Nicholasville Kentucky will be her second exhibit, growing the process begun in the first.

According to Ms Gray:

Whether it's offering a critique, modeling for one another's projects, introducing one another to a new process, or taking turns altering one another's work, we have found that collaboration greatly enriches and directs the artistic process. This exhibit is a celebration of friendship, of our own artistic growth, and of the communities that influence and nourish the production of art.

The three women plan to carry on the collaborative efforts of their group …to explore their own ideas of femininity and the possibilities that present with collaborating with other women.


Steve Costello said...

It is so wonderful to see Graduate students actually working together for a common goal. You ladies rock.

Keep up the great work!

Karine said...

I am so honored to make such wonderful friends my first year at Graduate school. Hilary & Sarah Jane are both amazing artists, friends and you will see a lot more of our trio in the future!

Nod to the ladies!